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Fotopedia Marina Navarro, the wife of Sen. Ted Cruz and mother to his twin daughters, recently shared photos of her husband and daughters on Instagram. The first pictures to come out of the family, which is composed of Cruz and wife Heidi and their twin daughters Alice and Catherine, show Cruz's children giggling and posing for the camera. Navarro, who has lived in the Houston area for several years, has gone viral multiple times for her warm relationship with her Cruz family, especially after the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., happened. After seeing the image, many Twitter users called out that the Cruz family was a double blessing. "I pray that I am blessed to bless you all, but I also wish that I have a family that shares this prayer and feels this way for you and your families," Navarro said in a tweet to her fans. "They are blessed and thank you for your prayers."Q: - "sync'd audio" in context of live I'm using Ableton Live (L9.5 on MacOS) as a mixer for a band and I'd like to play audio clips simultaneously with my computer's mic. "Sync'd audio" might sound like a weird way of saying that, but it's the exact purpose. It seems that Live can only play audio from file, so I've resorted to using the audio.aiff file of the "synced" audio. The clip will stop playing with the computer's mic when it goes into play mode and starts playing the audio from the file. There is an obvious shortcoming to this process, however: while playing the audio clip from a file, the audio from the computer's mic will be muted, which is the intended result, but when the audio clip ends, I lose the audio from the computer's mic, which isn't, and in fact, shouldn't be, the purpose of this whole thing. I've tried many ways of solving this, but I can't seem to get the "sync'd audio" working in a way that has both audio in play mode and "muted" at the same time, which would allow the mic to play its audio while still having the audio from the file. I haven't had any luck trying to "hide" the Audio Control strip of the clip (or the Audio In and Audio Out strips) of the clip on the timeline so it's completely invisible.




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