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Fanfiction disclaimer: All characters are the property of their respective owners. Widowed at an early age and without support or family, I decided to live in a world of books. I love stories with a touch of darkness, so this is the perfect place for me. As a fan of YA and Sci-Fi/Fantasy, this is my love in a genre. There will be some language, violence, and sexual content in the stories. If that is something you cannot handle, please refrain from reading. Thank you. I love to write but I haven't posted anything in a long time. So I decided to start a blog so I can update, see what I've written, and share some of my work. It's a bit late but I've started and hopefully I'll continue. I write paranormal and urban fantasy stories. I've been writing all my life, even before I knew what I wanted to do for a career. In the past I've written a couple of stories and I'm still working on one. But as I've gotten older I started to realize that my ideas were getting better and better. I just want to continue writing and getting feedback on my work. Gemma, born to parents who were murdered and left her for dead, has dedicated her life to protecting the children from the terrors of the night. She has a brilliant career as a forensic specialist and tracker. She’s never been a fan of the dark, but her infatuation with one of her cases will have serious consequences. Featuring Regency Era and PNR elements. Please check out my profile page to see what I'm currently working on. So... This is a sort of personal journal I've been meaning to start for awhile. So here it is. I also do reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and B&N. Just hit the icons below and check it out. I'd love to hear from you guys. * 2 + 8 q 4 - 1 6 7 . L e t ( s ) =



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Indian Wife Forced Feminised Husband Story ujalkal

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